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Dear Farmingdale School Community,

 Happy Spring! Many exciting things are happening here in Farmingdale and we are so glad you took the time to visit our website.

You can now follow us on facebook to see all the smart work that is going on in our classrooms at www.facebook/FarmingdalePublicSchool.  Please check it out!!! 

Exciting news!!  Ms. Massa is Farmingdale's Teacher of the Year for the 2015-16 school year!!!! Congrats Ms. Massa and thanks for all you do!!!!

We have lots of exciting activities happening here in Farmingdale!!  

Below are important dates that are coming up soon: 

May 13-Happy Days String Band-1:30 PM

May 19 & 20-7th Grade Trip to Mt. Tammany 

May 30th- Farmingdale School participates in Memorial Day Parade

June 1 & 2 – 8th Grade Play – 6:30 PM

June 2- Incoming Kindergarten- Getting to know you day!!! 

June 7 – Band/Chorus Concert – 6:30 PM

June 8-8th Grade Trip to NYC

June 9 & 10- 8th grade Canoe Trip 

June 13 Blue and Gold Day

June 14 Rain Date for Blue and Gold Day 

June 15 – PreK & Kinder Celebration

June 15- 8th Grade Dinner Dance

June 16 – Graduation

In education,

Mrs. Edith Conroy

 Please partner with us to instill a love of literacy in all of our students. This year our district theme is...  “Be a Reading Superhero!

Things Parents Can Do to Raise a Reader by Eileen Florio, Reading Teacher

 Read from day one - Start a reading routine with your child.

 Share books every day - Read with your child even after he/she becomes an independent reader.

 Re-read favorites - Most children love to hear their favorite stories over and over again. Re-reading books provides an opportunity to hear or see something that may have been missed the first time, and provides another chance to hear a favorite part.

 Send positive messages about the joys of literacy - Your own interest and excitement about books will be contagious!

 Visit the library early and often - Public libraries are great resources for books/ magazines and story times.

 Find the reading and writing in everyday things - Take the time to show your child ways that adults use reading and writing every day. Grocery lists, notes to the teachers, maps and cooking all involve important reading and writing skills.

 Talk, talk, talk - A child's vocabulary grows rich through conversation with others. No matter your child'sage, sprinkle your conversations with interesting words.

Look for new books and authors that your child may enjoy.

Organize an area dedicated to reading and writing tools, including paper and writing utensils.

Encourage your child to talk about what he/ she has read.

Expand your home library to include magazines and non-fiction books.

Decide to raise a reader!